You will probably encounter many customers who are looking for external and/or portable storage devices for their digital information. They will have many options depending on their specific needs.

  • External Hard Drives: Able to store most types of digital information, these drives are very useful for backing up computers and transferring and storing large quantities of digital information. They generally have USB connections.
  • CD and DVD Drives: These drives use CDs and DVDs to read, copy, and/or store digital information. They are ideal for customers who want to read or write audio or video files. The CDs and DVDs can be used in other devices as well, like CD or DVD players. They are easily shareable, as each CD or DVD is relatively inexpensive to produce.
  • Jump Drives: Also called flash drives or thumb drives, these are portable, compact devices that can connect to any USB port. They are ideal for transporting and sharing digital information.
  • Memory Cards: These portable flash memory storage devices are portable and compact, and they can have a large storage capacity. Because there are a number of types of memory cards available, ask the customer what device they need it for. That should help you determine which type of memory card is appropriate. The storage capacity of these small devices can be quite large.

Customers looking for storage options for their digital information have a wide variety of options from which to choose.