While bigger is generally better, it is possible to have a screen that is too big for a room. Sit too close and the picture may begin to look grainy; sit too far away and viewers may miss some of HD's awesome picture detail.

To calculate the right size screen for your customer's room, simply:

  1. Determine the distance from TV to sitting area in inches
  2. Divide the distance by 2 � that's the biggest set you'd want to recommend
  3. Divide the distance by 3 � that's the smallest set you'd want to recommend

The ideal screen size will be somewhere in that range.

TIP! As they stare at the large wall of televisions displayed in your store, suggest your customers:

  • View the TVs from the same distance that they'll watch it from at home.
  • View from the sides, above and below to judge the TV's viewing angle.