Heavy internet users and online video watchers will be your biggest customers for Connected TV.

If the customers tell you they enjoy watching movies be sure to mention Netflix, Blockbuster, CinemaNow, Vudu and other sites that will allow them to stream movies right on their TV � at their convenience and on their big TV screen rather than a smaller computer or smartphone screen.

Ask your customers what kinds of applications they use on their home computer. Use their answer to this question to learn if there are applications they might enjoy even more on a Connected TV.

Find out if your customers enjoy listening to music at home. If they do, make sure they know they can play Pandora over their home entertainment system in stereo rather than depending on lesser computer speakers.

Ask if your customers ever use the internet on their smartphone or laptop while watching TV. If they do, tell them Connected TV will allow them to do that with their television alone.

Remember that the line-up of available content can be a differentiating factor as consumers evaluate which connected TV or web-enabled device to buy. Some programming is exclusive to certain manufacturers and/or products.