All that is essentially required is a television, a broadband internet connection (wired or wireless), and a means of connecting the two. There are a number of ways for your customers to get Connected TV.

One is to purchase a web-enabled television, many versions of which are currently available from major manufacturers.

Customers who don't plan on buying a new TV can still enjoy Connected TV. A number of affordable products are internet TV-enabled and can be used to retrofit a customer�s existing television to give them connectivity:

Game consoles: Current-generation home game consoles are compatible with some internet TV services.

Blu-ray players: Most Blu-ray players support several internet TV options, such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Vudu. Your customers will want to seek out a player with built-in Wi-Fi, which makes connecting to these online services much more convenient if they already have a wireless home network.

DVRs: Certain digital video recorders offer built-in support for Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, YouTube, and more.

Set-top boxes: These are dedicated hardware solutions for Internet TV. Some of these products offer proprietary content or interfaces you can't get on other the types of products mentioned above.