Imagine being able to surf the internet while watching television � on a single device. Envision streaming video on demand on a big screen, with a crystal-clear HD picture, and awesome sound. Picture accessing your favorite websites directly on your television � no computer required. Connected TV now allows your customers to get that great web experience on the biggest screen in the house � their television.

Sometimes referred to as �Smart TV� or �IP TV�, Connected TV essentially refers to web-enabled television � the ability to access internet content directly on a television. Still in its early stages, the methods used to connect TV to the internet and the content available vary from brand to brand and product to product.

The offerings of net-connected TVs range from established video sources such as Netflix, YouTube, and the online offerings of TV networks, to new apps and widgets specifically created to serve this market. Content development is rapidly expanding, and the sky seems to be the limit in terms of the capabilities of Connected TVs.

Web-enabled TVs are available from many manufacturers that each provide their own variation on the connected TV experience.

The bottom line is, a TV is no longer just a receiver with limited broadcast content available on a fixed schedule � now it can be used to deliver a plethora of content on demand, play games, connect us to social media, store and display photographs and videos, and help truly customize the home entertainment experience.