At Toshiba we got our start in 1875 when Hisahige Tanaka opened a telegraph equipment factory in Shimbashi, Tokyo. That means we've been in the information technology business long before anyone was using the term.

In the following decades, Toshiba continued to introduce new products and technologies to the Japanese consumer market, such as radio receivers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and fluorescent lamps.

Throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Toshiba made strides in power plant technology, transportation control systems, broadcast satellites, and optical disc based storage.

In 1985, Toshiba changed the computer industry forever, when we introduce the world's first laptop personal computers.

Since then, we've been first to market all these technologies:

  • 1985: Laptop personal computer
  • 1986: 286 portable
  • 1991: TFT Display
  • 1994: Pentium Portable
  • 1995: Integrated CD-ROM
  • 1997: Window Mini-Notebook
  • 1998: Integrated DVD
  • 2001: Integrated Wireless
  • 2002: NVIDIA GeForce4 laptop
  • 2005: LED backlit display laptop
  • 2009: 512GB Solid State drive
  • ´┐ŻAnd many more

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