Metroid: Other M, like all Metroid games, is a sci-fi action adventure starring Samus Aran, an interstellar bounty hunter. Samus' parents were killed when she was a child – shortly thereafter, she was taken under the wing of an ancient race called the Chozo and infused with their power – this power allows her to manifest a Power Suit, which boasts all kinds of weaponry and augmented abilities. Rather than finding new abilities like past Metroid games, Samus instead accesses her original abilities whenever Adam Malkovich, her former Commanding Officer, authorizes their use.

One of the things that sets Metroid: Other M apart from the rest of the series is its well-fleshed out storyline. Between cinematic sequences, flashbacks, and narration by Samus, there is more backstory here than in the entirety of the series, bridging events from Metroid�, Metroid� II: Return of Samus, Super Metroid�, and Metroid� Fusion. Samus' relationship with Adam, which was alluded to in Metroid Fusion, is explored in depth, and her lingering guilt over the baby Metroid that gave its life for her in Super Metroid is a central theme.

  • Platform: Wii�
  • Category: Action Adventure
  • Players: 1
  • Developer: Nintendo and Team Ninja
  • Launch Date: August 31, 2010
  • ESRB Rating: T (Teen): Animated Blood, Violence