When starting a new game, players will be given a Brain Age Check that determines their DS Brain Age. Each day, players can compete for the high score in any activities that they have unlocked. They also can record the age of their DS brain once per day. The more players train, the more activities they will unlock. The title is designed to be played in small chunks over a long period of time and can hold data from a full year of activity.

There are 15 new, engaging activities all are designed to help work the brain:

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: Speak the symbol that beats the one on the screen, but be careful. Players may be asked to lose as well as win.
  • High Number: Locate the number with the highest numerical value and touch it with the stylus.
  • Serial Subtraction: Quickly subtract a small number from a larger one over and over again.
  • Number Memory: Memorize a set of 25 numbers, then write down as many possible in two minutes.
  • Symbol Match: Examine a key, then write symbols that correspond to numbers as they appear.
  • Piano Player: Play notes on a keyboard as the cursor scrolls over the sheet music.
  • Memory Sprint: Follow the progress of a runner as he competes in a frantic race, then write down the place in which he finished.
  • Math Recall: Math meets memory in this fun challenge. Solve a math problem, then remember the scribbled-out number and use it to solve the next problem.
  • Sign Finder: Fill in the mathematical symbol that correctly completes the equation.
  • Clock Spin: Examine clocks that are sideways, upside down or inverted, and write down the correct time.
  • Word Scramble: Unscramble letters and write down the word they spell.
  • Word Blend: Listen to overlapping words that come from the DS speakers, then write down the words on the touch screen.
  • Change Maker: Touch coins and bills with the stylus to make correct change.
  • Block Count: Watch blocks that fall into columns, then write down the height of one of the columns.
  • Calendar Count: Solve problems based on the calendar, such as "What day was it three days before yesterday?"