CyberStar Program

Become a CyberStar and Win!

CyberStar is's rewards program to recognize top retail sales pros who keep up to speed on products from a variety of categories.

Just complete any 20 CyberStar-eligible vendor training modules in a calendar month to earn CyberStar status and a chance to win great prizes! Click to the CyberStar Program in the Content Catalog to view this month's CyberStar-eligible modules.

Every month you become a CyberStar earns you the opportunity to:

  • Win with an entry into that month's CyberStar drawing
  • Win with an entry into the CyberStar quarterly drawing
  • Get recognized with a personalized CyberStar Certificate of Achievement
  • Gain respectwith an email to your manager recognizing your hard work (optional)

All this is in addition to the entries you'll earn toward CyberScholar Network quarterly as well as individual company prizes for every module you pass!

And if you earn CyberStar status for three (or more) consecutive months, you'll be considered a CyberScholar VIP who is eligible to participate in special promotions, surveys and other benefits. Be sure to keep your status updated!

Other Details

CyberStar-eligible modules change each calendar month, beginning on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month. Eligible modules passed prior to their appearance in a monthly CyberStar Report Card will be credited toward that month's CyberStar requirement.

My CyberStar Status

Get recognized and win!
Complete a set of 20 eligible training modules this month, and you'll earn a CyberStar certificate and the chance to win great prizes.

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Congratulations on achieving CyberStar Status! We would like to inform your manager of your distinction, and we will do so if you provide us with their name, title, phone number and e-mail address by completing the form below and clicking submit.