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CyberScholar Overview

What is is an interactive, product-education and engagement resource created just for retail sales professionals. The site's FREE training and activities will help you improve your selling skills and build your product expertise.

What is the CyberScholar Learning Network?
The CyberScholar Learning Network is the platform that connects manufacturers with retail sales associates from hundreds of retailers and thousands of stores. The platform enables the easy consolidation and distribution of training materials, which helps manufacturers, retailers and retail salespeople serve customers better.

What is CyberScholar training?
Unlike simple product information, CyberScholar training generally consists of a learning module with interactive screens of information, followed by a quiz to test your knowledge and see what you have learned. You can then keep track of what you've learned over time via your own personal report card and transcript.

How often does available training change?
The vendor list changes periodically, but you will always see top manufacturers representing a cross section of product categories. New product training and quizzes are posted each month, with most new content going up on the 1st day of the month.

Why isn't X manufacturer's training listed?
While CyberScholar is free to retail salespeople, manufacturers pay to have their training listed on the site. If you don't see a brand you sell, contact the manufacturer's representatives and tell them you'd like to see their training on CyberScholar.

Who manages CyberScholar?
CyberScholar is managed by Creative Channel Services, a leading retail marketing agency focused on helping retail professionals sell our clients -- products most effectively. You can learn more about us at

Registering & Logging In

Why do I need to register?
You must be officially registered in order to track your progress and receive other subscriber benefits. You will not be able to view all CyberScholar content (such as quizzes) until you register and log in. (Some retailers have separate registration and/or login processes: see Question 3.)

How do I register?
Click the Register link in the top-left corner of the site. Fill out the necessary information on the two screens that follow, and you are good to go. The whole process only takes a few minutes! (Some retailers have separate registration and/or login processes: see Question 3.)

Which CyberScholar partners have separate login or registration processes?
Employees at CyberScholar partners Best Buy, CompUSA-TigerDirect, Sears and Walmart have their own training sites and processes. Employees at partners Bernie's, B&H Photo, Boscov's, Cord Camera, Dell, hhgregg, Meijer, Ritz Camera, R.C. Willey, and Ultimate Electronics have separate login instructions. If you are employed at one of these retailers and experience login issues, contact your manager or email with your name, retail employer and store number.

Does sell my contact information to other companies?
Absolutely not. Your privacy is important to us, so your contact information is kept confidential. Feel free to view our full Privacy Policy.

Which retail employees can register?
When you register, select your retailer from the available alphabetically organized list. If you don't see your retailer on the list, you will need to click "Retailer Not Listed" and add your retailer to the list. Your retail information will be verified later.

May I register two separate accounts if I work at two different retailers or locations?
No, you should register for the retailer/location where you work most often. If you work seasonally at one location and later in another, just upgrade your profile to reflect the changes - this ensures that we can contact you when needed.

What's the purpose of my User Name and Password?
Your user name (a valid email address) is the unique identifier we use to track your progress. It is an email address so we can email you information should you forget your password or need other assistance. Your password serves as an extra level of security. As of 01/06/10, you need to use both a user name and password when logging in to

I moved. How do I update my information?
Simply click the Update Profile link that appears in the top-left corner of the site after you log in. Enter changes as needed.

Participating & Tracking Progress

How do I participate?
First, register to get your CyberScholar User Name and Password. See the Registering & Logging In section of the FAQs.

How often should I participate?
As often as you like to meet your personal training goals, to serve customers confidently, or to meet the goals set by your retailer. New product training and quizzes are posted each month, with most new content going up on the 1st day of the month.

How do I work with the "overlay" screens?
Most learning modules now appear as overlay screens on the site. You can close out of the overlay screens by clicking the words/symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. Keep in mind that you may need to scroll the page/screen to see all the screen's content and/or click the appropriate button to advance to the next screen. You can also use the screen's Table of Contents in the lower left to skip to other pages in the module.

What does it take to complete a learning module?
CyberScholar learning modules generally take 10-15 minutes to complete. Once you have reviewed the manufacturer's product information, click on the Take the Quiz or Training Assessment link at the bottom of the screen. (Note: You must first be logged in.) The questions check for comprehension of the material you reviewed. When you finish the quiz, click the Submit button. If you don't pass or miss a question, simply try again. Generally, you need to score 90 - 100% on the quiz to pass the module.

How do I check my progress?
After you have logged in, visit the Content Catalog page. In the center section of the page, you can view, filter and sort all available content, check the "Passed" column to see what content you've passed and what you haven't. Following are additional options:

  • To view a listing of only learning modules currently live on the site that you�ve passed, click the "Report Card" under My Content Catalog in the left menu of the page. To view all learning modules (live and archived) that you've passed over time (since 01/06/10), click the "Transcript" link in the left menu.
  • To view your progress in meeting monthly requirements for the CyberStar program, click the "CyberStar" link under Rewards Programs in the left menu.
  • If you are with a CyberScholar Retail Partner, you can view your progress in completing your employer's required or recommended training by clicking the far right filtering tool under Find Your Content in the center of the Content Catalog page.

How do I rate content?
In the Content Catalog and other content listings, there are stars at the end of each content listing's row in the "Rating" column. Simply click the star level that you feel that row's content deserves. Your rating is counted, but if may not show up immediately in listing calculations.

How do I move between "consumer electronics" and "appliance" training content?
CyberScholar now provides access to two complete "sites" for training, based on the overarching "department" of content. CyberScholar is defaulted to consumer electronics training. To access training for appliances, click the "+" symbol in the upper right portion of the site.

Is all the content different in the "appliance" site?
We are building out the appliance content, so there still will be some content that overlaps the two sites. Eventually, the appliance site will have more of its own specifically tailored content.


How do I win prizes?
You get automatically entered into prize drawings with every passed module quiz. See the Rewards page for details. Most programs require you to pass a learning module from a specific vendor before the end of the prize program timeframe to earn an entry into that vendor's prize drawing. In many cases, you can qualify for multiple prize drawings just for passing one learning module. For example, each passed vendor module earns one entry into the vendor's monthly prize drawing and one entry into the quarterly CyberScholar Network drawings. You may earn entry into the vendor�s quarterly or promotional programs as well.

Who is eligible to win prizes?
Retail employees from eligible retail employers can qualify to win prizes on CyberScholar. Please see the Rules page for details.

How do the prize programs work?
For the most part, prize programs on CyberScholar are sweepstakes, with winners determined by a random drawing from a pool of participants who completed a qualifying activity (e.g. passing a learning module) during a program's timeframe. CyberScholar has both monthly and quarterly sweepstakes, and occasionally special programs are added.

Where can I find information on current prize programs?
Information about most prize programs is available on the Rewards>Prize Catalog page and/or individual vendor hubs.

What content qualifies me for prizes?
You can only earn entry for prizes by completing modules and passing their associated quizzes. Viewing resources such as documents, graphics, etc. does not qualify you for prizes.

How do I know which modules qualify me to win which prizes?
Unless otherwise indicated, every module you pass from a vendor during a prize period/timeframe will qualify you for that vendor's listed prize programs. In general, you will only be entered in the vendor's drawing for the month (and/or quarter) you passed the training modules. Most vendors add training each month, so keep passing the new modules to qualify for monthly prizes.

What are "Network" quarterly prizes and how do I qualify to win?
In short, the "Network" quarterly prizes (listed in the skyscraper ad on the Rewards page) are a BONUS prize program on top of the vendor prize programs. Every learning module you pass from any of the vendors on the site counts as another entry into the Network quarterly prize sweepstakes.

When are prize winners drawn?
Typically winners are drawn in the second week of the month following the close of a prize program period.

How do I know if I've won a prize?
We contact all prize winners by phone and/or email as soon as we verify employment status. Please make sure your profile is up to date to avoid any delays! Once notified, winners must send a timely response and complete necessary forms to officially accept their prize and complete the "winning" process.

Why haven't I received my prize?
Prizes are not sent out until after all information is verified and you have signed the appropriate forms. This process may take from six to eight weeks. If you won a prize and have not heard from a representative after eight weeks, e-mail or call 1-866-592-0831 with the following information so we can speed up prize delivery:

- Your name and store number
- The month the prize was won
- The prize vendor and prize description

Are there restrictions on vendor prizes?
In addition to the general prize rules, some vendors may have additional restrictions for their prize programs or special promotions. In the rare cases where vendors have additional restrictions, they will be noted near the prize description on the vendor's hub.

When do you post the winners?
We work to post winners within 8 weeks of a prize program's close, but it sometimes takes a few months to verify winners and post the information online. Don't worry -- if you are one of the winners, you will know long before the list is published.

Can I win prizes if I live outside of the United States?
Sorry, but at this time we can only award prizes to retail employees who are residents of and located within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. We are exploring options to include Canada and certain U.S. territories. In the meantime, you can still participate in our vendor training modules to improve your product knowledge and increase your in-store sales!

CyberStar Program

What is the CyberStar program?
CyberStar is a special rewards and recognition program designed for retail salespeople who keep up to date on products from a variety of manufacturers in multiple categories. The program is meant to help you set a personal goal to complete a set of training each month. As a CyberStar, you will receive: 1) entry into's exclusive CyberStar monthly and quarterly drawings for valuable prizes; 2) a CyberStar certificate documenting your achievement; and 3) an official CyberStar notification email sent to your manager (optional).

How do I become a CyberStar?
Access the CyberStar page in the Rewards section, or click the CyberStar filter in the left menu of the Content Catalog. Then, be sure you have passed any 20 CyberStar-eligible vendor training modules listed in the CyberStar Report Card by the end of the calendar month, and you will be a CyberStar!

How often can I become a CyberStar?
CyberStar-eligible modules change each calendar month, beginning on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month. Eligible modules passed prior to their appearance in a monthly CyberStar Report Card will be credited toward that month's CyberStar requirement. You can achieve CyberStar status each and every month, earning an entry into the special monthly and quarterly CyberStar prize drawings.

Can I reprint my CyberStar Certificate?
Yes! You can now download past certificates from the CyberStar status box in the right column of the CyberStar Program page.

What is a CyberScholar VIP and how do I become one?
If you earn CyberStar status for three or more consecutive months, or in five of the past six months, you'll be considered a CyberScholar VIP who is eligible to participate in special promotions, surveys, and other benefits.

Technical Issues Troubleshooting

Why do I have to log in after I leave?
Your security -- and the integrity of your training record -- is important to us. This requires that we end your training session each time you leave the site. (If you are using a shared computer in-store, you should also be sure to log out.) Continuing your training is easy -- just log in again to continue your training session.

Technical Requirements & Recommendations
We continually strive to improve to provide you with the best possible user experience. is best experienced using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, and has been optimized to be viewed at screen resolutions of 800 x 600 or higher.

I'm experiencing issues with content on CyberScholar. What should I do?
If you come across something on CyberScholar that isn't working, please send us a message using the Contact form in the Help Center. Be sure to provide as detailed information as you can, including the specific page or vendor's training with the issue and how we can reach you for further details or inform you of the resolution.