Learn production information to help you address common customer objections with the Office subscription model.
posted 1/5/2015
Learn about the features, benefits, and apps that make inexpensive Windows tablets a compelling choice for customers.
posted 12/17/2014
Learn about the different versions of Office and help customers choose the product that best suits their needs.
posted 11/20/2014
Learn how to address customer questions and convey why Windows 8.1 Update is the best version of Windows yet.
posted 11/11/2014
Learn about the great games and values for Xbox One this holiday.
posted 10/28/2014
Meet Surface Pro 3
posted 10/3/2014
This course introduces the Nokia Lumia 635. There is one section for each of the device's key selling messages and at the end a short quiz completes the experience.
posted 8/26/2014