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Cliff Woerner

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

  1. I've worked for store #1177 in Manahawkin, NJ since the seasonal shift of 2013.
  2. My motto is never fully grow up! We enjoy life more when we can still be kids.
  3. My most memorable Toshiba sale was turning a customer off from one brand of TV and on to a Toshiba one because the Toshiba TV was a far better quality than what they were considering. They knew that Toshiba laptops were high end media machines, and were very pleased to have that same quality in their new 50 inch TV. They were psyched, and I was happy to have helped them.
  4. The greatest risk I ever took was when I started doing magic professionally. Working for yourself is a scary, but rewarding, experience.
  5. The wisest thing anyone has ever said to me was that you are only a magician thanks to those who share their time with you and allow you to share your magic with them. It stuck with me because it applies to a lot more than magic. Time is one thing we can never get back, and if someone shares theirs with you, that is one investment that they deserve a return on!
  6. When a customer serves up an objection, I listen carefully to their concerns, talk with them about why they have those concerns, and help them to find what it is they truly need. They leave satisfied (and with a little more knowledge) and I feel great for helping them. It's a win-win!
  7. My most successful day on the job is any day I can help someone. Not just sell them something, but really help them find what solution will work for their situation. So far, I've been pretty successful.
  8. The best invention ever is the laptop. From someone who uses one for both gaming and business, the laptop brought portability to both work and entertainment.
  9. The technology I am super passionate about is all things gaming. I PC game (as well as some console gaming) and the technology that provides that form of entertainment is amazing!
  10. The one thing I can't live without is my family. My wife and kids mean the world to me.

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10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Choose 10 out of the 15 options below.

  1. I've worked for (store name) in (city, state) since (year)
  2. My motto is (fill in the blank).
  3. My most memorable Toshiba sale was (fill in the blank) because (fill in the blank).
  4. My favorite Toshiba product to sell is (tell us what) because (tell us why).
  5. When a customer serves up an objection I usually (fill in the blank).
  6. I'd love for Toshiba to (fill in the blank).
  7. The wisest thing anyone ever told me was (fill in the blank) and it helped me to (fill in the blank).
  8. My most successful day on the job was when I (fill in the blank).
  1. The greatest risk I ever took was when I (fill in the blank).
  2. The best invention ever is (fill in the blank).
  3. The game-changing technology or trend in high-tech or home entertainment in the next 5-10 years is going to be (fill in the blank).
  4. My advice to other sales associates around the world is (fill in the blank).
  5. The project or technology that I'm super passionate about is
    (fill in the blank).
  6. The one thing I can't live without is (fill in the blank).
  7. My customers have taught me (fill in the blank).