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To recognize your determination and hard work, we will send you the following tokens of our appreciation:

  • Custom-printed certificate
  • Tatsu-jin lapel pin
  • 16 GB MicroVault Smartphone USB Flash Drive (USM16SA1/B)

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As a member of the Tatsu-jin club, you have earned another perk! You get automatically entered into the semi-annual Master Certification Grand Prize drawings for as long as you maintain your Tatsu-jin status. This prize drawing is available ONLY to Tatus-jin members.

Great work and welcome to the club!

Report Card

Once you complete all the modules in a category, you will be automatically Category Certified. This certification will last for a full year from the date of completion. Once you complete all Category Certifications, you will be automatically Master Certified and a member of the Tatsu-jin club. This certification will last for a full year from the date of completion.

Getting certified is a great way to qualify to win fabulous monthly and quarterly prizes, check out the Prizes Page and see what you can win!