Sony Accommodation Program - Learn to Earn

Please note: Be sure that your profile is up to date, or any submission may be delayed or denied. Click "Update Profile" in the upper left corner of the site to review your information right now.

Do you work for a Sony Authorized Dealer? Then we want you to own Sony products. And we're willing to make it as easy as possible, by offering you a discount. Why? Because we believe that once you personally own our products, you'll be as excited about them as we are. Plus, it's our way of showing that we appreciate your role in the success of our brand!

Want to know how it works?
Basically, all you have to do is complete (and pass) the Sony CyberScholar training module for the eligible product you want to purchase. Then, purchase the product from your own store at your employee discounted price, submit and print the claim form via the official website, send in your claim package and we'll send you a rebate check! Sound simple? It is!

Of course, there are a few more details than just that, so head over to the Sony Learn to Earn site to register on the official L2E web site and learn all about the complete process. Once registered, you can submit and track the status of your claims, view all available models and rebate values, and more.

What You Need to Get Started:

  • The Sony Learn to Earn site is a separate site, you must register and create a new login ID and password
  • Registration requires your 13 digit CyberScholar User ID
    To find your CyberScholar User ID#, login to and click Update Profile at the upper left corner. Your unique number will be located on the right side of your profile.
  • Last name must be consistent for both sites
  • Registration is only available after a Sony eLearning module has been completed (allow 24 hours)