CEA, the producers of CEknowhow and CES, and CCS, the producers of CyberScholar, are pleased to introduce the CEknowhow experience!

As a part of the CyberScholar Learning Network, CEknowhow offers additional rewards, recognition, prizes, as well as other great training opportunities from leading manufacturers.

Your online learning experience is a one-stop-shop that you can access with a single user profile log-in. CyberScholar.com is the industry's #1 training destination to get the resources, rewards and information to help you succeed.

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Looking to improve your job performance? Ready to become a superstar consumer electronics sales pro? We're here to make it happen! CEknowhow, part of the CyberScholar Learning Network, was created to help you, the retail sales professional:

  • Identify your customers' needs and steer them toward the right products
  • Learn about the technology and products you sell every day
  • Put together a killer customized system for your customers
  • Get recognized as a CEknowhow Certified Professional!
  • Advance your sales career in the exciting Consumer Electronics industry

The CEknowhow training on this website was created by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the preeminent consumer technology trade association, and CyberScholar, the #1 site for CE retail sales professionals. It's fun and interactive and provides you with the tools you need to sell consumer electronics products and services.

By participating in CyberScholar training, you will improve your knowledge of the ever-growing field of consumer electronics products and categories. Plus, because CEknowhow is integrated within the CyberScholar Learning Network, you�ll have access to more prizes and other rewards programs.

Best of all, this site contains the kind of information, supplementary sales support materials and glossary terminology that will HELP YOU DO YOUR JOB BETTER. And it's completely free to you and your co-workers!

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