Get BlackBerry® smart. Maximize your sales potential. Become an Expert.

The BlackBerry® Retail Sales Expert Program is designed to give you more in-depth BlackBerry knowledge to help you increase sales. You can improve your existing BlackBerry sales techniques and receive expert sales accreditation from Research In Motion - the makers of BlackBerry products and services.

Become category certified when you complete all modules within each category: The BlackBerry Solution and BlackBerry Devices. Once you've earned your category certification, you're automatically entered in the category certification monthly and quarterly prize drawings.

Complete all modules in all categories and you are officially a BlackBerry Retail Sales Expert. Once you've earned your expert status, you're automatically entered in the master certification monthly and quarterly prize drawings where you can win great prizes. Progress towards certification is tracked through the Report Card page.

Your status is good for twelve months from the date you completed all modules within all categories.

And don't forget, you're entered to WIN great BlackBerry prizes in the special prize drawings. Click here to learn more about the prize program.

When your certification expires, you'll need to complete all available modules to become master certified again.