Founded in 1976, Acer currently ranks #1 globally for Q212 Notebook PC shipments. Learn about what the Acer brand stands for, about the different product lines, target audiences and more in order to help best serve the needs of the customer and make a solid recommendation for Acer products.


Learn about the features and benefits of Acer's new Chromebook 11 and what gives it the competitive edge.


Acer extends its industry-leading Chromebook line with the C720 and C720P Chromebooks! Powered by the latest Intel processor based on Haswell micro-architecture, these Chromebooks delivers industry-leading performance and long battery life to mobile savvy PC users. Both Chromebooks deliver an incredible value proposition for this level of performance making them the perfect PC for running favorite Google apps, watching videos, playing games, exploring the Internet, or just getting work done. The C720P touch-screen Chromebook addresses those who want a natural and intuitive way to interact with their Chromebook featuring a 10-point touch display letting the user tap and swipe their way through the world.


Acer Aspire is the best all-in-one PC system, offering the most lifelike communications experience for your customers. This module will teach you all about what makes this such a special system.


Get familiar with the latest lineup of Acer desktop computers that provide performance, flexibility and value. There's a model to fit every computing lifestyle from the student with limited space, to the multitasking home office worker, to the family who needs an accessible (and stylish) device to share.


This All-in-One displays beautiful imagery and glorious sound, plus its portable! Learn more.


The Acer® Aspire 5600U All-in-One features a unique edge-to-edge glass floating design with an intuitive 10-point touch control experience. With its large 23" Full HD screen, unique tilt angles and premium sights and sounds, it's the best PC for enhanced social networking and everyday entertainment enjoyment.


Learn about Acer's V Nitro Notebooks built specifically for gaming and entertainment and how their power, speed, graphics, camera, and sleek design appeal to the target customer.


The Acer Aspire R14 is a powerful convertible Notebook that has the ability to fluidly move between four modes, so there are no limits to what you can accomplish. This PC is everything your customers need it to be.


Get familiar with the latest lineup of Acer Notebooks that provide portability and performance. There's a model that fits any lifestyle ranging from the basic to the more flexible "Aspire Switch" computer that functions as a tablet and a PC in one, to the Chromebook for the Google enthusiast.


The Acer Aspire Switch 10 is a flexible 2-in-1 PC that is able to change its form and switch to different purposes quickly and easily. Find out more!


Learn about a unique new product from Acer: Aspire R7 Notebook. Designed for touch, this product features Acer's patented Ezel™ hinge which brings the familiarity and power of a laptop combined with the flexibility and freedom of a tablet. Explore what makes this hinge unique and why it brings the best touch and type experience.


The Acer Aspire® V5 Notebook delivers full-featured performance in a slim design. Enjoy anytime, anywhere usability!


In this module you will learn all about the Acer Iconia Tab 8. You will learn what makes it so unique, whom the target customer is, and how to sell it to them.


With a beautiful blend of good looks and great features, this tablet is designed to help consumers effortlessly navigate their world. Learn what makes this a superior tablet.


The Acer Aspire® S7 Ultrabook™ frees you with instant-on performance, 6+ hours of power, light-sensing backlit keyboard and a Touchscreen for anytime, anywhere usability!