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SoundTouch™ is featured in a wide range of Bose products for around the home, and each one offers one-touch access to music with personalized presets. This course is dedicated to SoundTouch™ amplifiers, speakers, & accessories.
posted: 04/17/2014
Learners get a high-level overview of Sony's 4K Ultra HD TV lineup, including the key features that will help them explain the televisions' benefits to potential buyers. To help them focus on sales, participants are shown two open-ended, feature-based selling strategies: one for picture quality and the other for audio. Then, the concept of Top-Down Selling is explored as it relates specifically to the 4K lineup. Finally, learners are given specific reasons why a 4K TV from Sony is the best choice among all manufacturers.
posted: 04/16/2014
Learners will discover the fantastic W600B and W630B LED televisions - what we like to call our "step-up 2K TVs." When your customer is ready to step up from the average picture quality and performance of the other guys, the W600B/W630B is for them. Both models feature the X-Reality™ PRO processor - our ultimate picture engine - plus edge LED backlighting, built-in Wi-Fi, and our new One-Flick Entertainment. And now, Social Viewing with Live Tweet lets viewers and their friends send live Tweets about shows and see them scroll across the screen in real time!
posted: 04/04/2014
Sony sound systems - an easy solution for an immersive, virtual surround sound entertainment experience. After completing this module, you will be able to explain why Sony sound systems should be part of every TV sale.
posted: 04/04/2014
Mythos ST-L
posted: 04/03/2014
Learn about LG UHD TV.

NOTE: You MUST complete all activities and view all videos in their entirety in order to access, complete and receive credit for the quiz.
posted: 03/31/2014
Learn about the LG OLED TV.

NOTE: You MUST complete all activities and view all videos in their entirety in order to access, complete and receive credit for the quiz.
posted: 03/31/2014
Speck makes mighty slim protective cases for your favorite tablets and e-readers. This module will focus on the variety of protective and functional tablet cases that Speck offers for every consumer. From our Durafolio to our ShowFolio, Speck has your device protected. Long Live the Machines!
posted: 03/31/2014
Learn about Panasonic's strengths in audio products and the engineering and design that make their home theater systems (soundbars), Bluetooth speakers, and mini systems a sound investment for customers.
posted: 03/25/2014
Learn about Panasonic's 2014 VIERA TV Lineup of LED TVs and the features that make them provide maximum performance while remaining easy to operate and fit (enhance?) into our lives.
posted: 03/20/2014
Learn about the 2014 Samsung Premium TV Lineup
posted: 03/17/2014
Learn about the technology of the 2014 home telephones to better communicate the feature and benefits to customers.
posted: 03/12/2014
Explore the abundant features of Sharp's new SmartCentral™ 3.0 Smart TV platform which include a new smart guide, the best apps, and mobile connectivity.

Duration approximately 8 minutes.
posted: 03/11/2014
This module takes a close look at the Sharp AQUOS four levels of picture quality - from Full HD to 4K Ultra HD - including exclusive advanced display technologies.

Duration: approximately 6 minutes.
posted: 03/10/2014
Learn to present the powerful new Cube compact Bluetooth speaker system with Tri-Polar array, and the Sound Cylinder portable Bluetooth speaker that's ideal for tablets and mobile devices. Approximate duration 6 minutes
posted: 03/06/2014
Learn how Logitech Harmony universal remotes make it easier to access and control all of your home entertainment with one touch.
posted: 03/05/2014
Take an up-close look at 4K technology, and learn the many advantages of the Sharp AQUOS 4K Ultra HD TV, including the world's first THX-certified 4K display.

Duration approximately 7 minutes.
posted: 02/25/2014
This module offers a basic overview of the 2014 AQUOS LED Smart TVs - including their primary features, and tips for presenting the advantages and benefits to your customers.

Duration: approximately 8 minutes
posted: 02/25/2014
Learn the exceptional benefits of AQUOS Q+, the highest resolution Full HDTV - with the ability to play 4K content for an Ultra HD experience.

Duration: approximately 5 minutes.
posted: 02/25/2014
The KDL-W950B, KDL-W850B, and KDL-W800B could be called our premium "non-4K" televisions. Learners will discover the exciting new Wedge design in the W950B and W850B and find out how Social Viewing and our new One-Flick remote are game changers in how we interact with our televisions.
posted: 02/07/2014
The Xperia Z1S fully embodies the very best of Sony, bringing together Sony's legendary imaging quality and cutting-edge entertainment in an elegant, waterproof design. For decades, Sony's compact cameras and BRAVIA® TVs have set the industry standards in terms of quality and performance. Now, Xperia Z1S delivers such excellence in 20.7MP camera that is more than just top-notch image technology. We've pushed the boundaries of traditional photography with a range of smart applications that let your customers use the Xperia Z1S camera in completely new ways.
posted: 02/06/2014
The VAIO Tap® 11 provides the mobility of a tablet while maintaining the power and ease of use of a traditional laptop. Only Sony offers unique technologies, applications and the digitizer stylus that deliver the ultimate in productivity AND personal entertainment enjoyment.
posted: 01/31/2014
The unique design of VAIO | Flip PC maintains the full functionality of a conventional laptop PC with the ability to switch between laptop, tablet and viewer modes - the perfect blend of productivity and entertainment.
posted: 01/29/2014

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