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Learn what Slingbox is, the features and benefits of Slingbox, the differences between Slingbox M1 and Slingbox 500, the various versions of the Slingplayer app, the target customers, plus present qualifying questions and cross-sell opportunities.
posted: 05/20/2015
Learners will discover the basics of Hi-Res Audio technology in easy to understand terms that are designed to be communicated to customers. Also revealed is why Sony has the electronics experience, backed by expertise in the music and film industries to bring the high quality sound of Hi-Res audio to our customers.
posted: 05/20/2015
Explore the Panasonic Lumix line of cameras, what they offer, and how they can take your customers' photography further than they can get with their smartphone.
posted: 05/13/2015
With TV today, it's all about the experience. And the Sony television experience is way more than just incredible picture quality. Our 4K Ultra HD TVs and higher-end W Series sets offer Google™ Play, Google™ Cast, Sony Android™ TV, and of course our One-Flick remote with the familiar, intuitive operation of a smartphone. There's also Wi-Fi and NFC for photo sharing, and voice search via the remote and Android TV.
posted: 04/30/2015
Tour of the key technologies, features and benefits of the Sharp Full HD lineup of LED TVs.
posted: 04/20/2015
The Acoustimass 10 Series V home theater speaker system is a great solution for customers looking for a high performance speaker package to connect with an A/V receiver.
posted: 04/14/2015
You will get a high level overview of Sony's premium sound bars for 2015, including the key benefits to explain how these sound bars meet the needs of today's home entertainment customers. You will get specific reasons Sony premium sound bars demonstrate superior sound quality, simple set up and optimal connectivity and capability.
posted: 04/10/2015
The KDL-W850C, KDL-W800C and KDL-W700C are our premium "non-4K" televisions, featuring Full HD 1080 and our X-Reality™ PRO processor, which improves the image quality of every source. Learners will discover the exciting new One-Flick remote and Android™ TV, which are game changers in how we interact with our televisions.
posted: 04/10/2015
Sony sound systems - an easy solution for an immersive, virtual surround sound entertainment experience. After completing this module, you will be able to explain why Sony sound systems should be part of every TV sale.
posted: 04/03/2015
Panasonic's new Connected Home System un-tethers homeowners and renters from costly security systems, replacing the middleman with a phone or tablet app. Learn how this system will make it simple and affordable for your customers to bring peace of mind, security, and control to their homes.
posted: 03/27/2015
You get a high-level overview of Sony's 4K Ultra HD TV lineup for 2015, including the key features that will help you explain the televisions' benefits to your customers. To help you focus on sales, you'll learn about Top-Down Selling as it relates specifically to the 4K lineup. Finally, you'll get specific reasons why a 4K TV from Sony is the best choice among all manufacturers.
posted: 03/20/2015
Sony has been the No.1 brand of Blu-ray Disc™ players in the US for the past 4 years, thanks to many attractive features. All 2015 models have a new feature: PlayStation™ Now which lets customers stream and play select PlayStation®3 games directly to the Blu-ray Disc™ player with no game console required. After taking this module, you will be able to explain why a Blu-ray Disc™ player is still a relevant purchase in today's world of streaming content and describe Sony-specific features that make Sony players stand out on the sales floor.
posted: 03/11/2015
Learn about the Bose Corporation.
posted: 02/12/2015
We live in an age where customers consider environmental factors in their purchase decisions. Many companies align with sustainability programs that comply with local and/or national regulations. The Sony difference is the breadth of our reach, the variety of programs we support, and the commitment of our people to actually physically participate in them. In this course, learners discover how Sony's environmental initiatives remain one of our most important tasks.
posted: 01/07/2015
Learn how the TiVo Roamio DVR can enhance the experience of TV viewers by bringing cable or broadcast TV and streaming content together in one box with an easy interface and more powerful search function.
posted: 12/31/2014
Offer your customers a multi-room TiVo experience at an unmatched price. Take this module to learn how it works and what you’ll need to do to set your customers up with TiVo.
posted: 12/31/2014
Learn how Logitech G mice, keyboards and headsets are engineered to help serious gamers take their game to the next level.
posted: 12/12/2014
PlayMemories is an easy-to-use family of services and apps that store, organize, access and share photos and videos across multiple devices - from cameras, smartphones and tablets to laptops, PlayStation® Gaming Consoles and compatible BRAVIA TVs. This course introduces learners to each of the PlayMemories apps: PlayMemories Online, PlayMemories Home, PlayMemories Studio, PlayMemories Mobile, and PlayMemories Camera Apps.
posted: 11/26/2014
Show your customer that the PlayStation®4 is the best place to play with immersive new gaming worlds, a deeply connected gaming community, shared gameplay, ultra-fast customized processors and innovative second screen features. The PS4 puts gamers first; offering amazing top-tier blockbusters and innovative indie hits.
posted: 11/19/2014
Learn about the features and benefits of the TiVo Roamio Pro and TiVo Roamio Plus, two great multi-room video and streaming media systems and what gives them the competitive edge.
posted: 11/19/2014
Learn about all the features on the new and improved CyberScholar training platform!
posted: 11/12/2014
Learners will discover the basics of 4K technology, in easy-to-understand terms that are designed to be communicated to customers. Also revealed is exactly why Sony 4K Ultra HD looks noticeably better than that of competing Ultra HD televisions. Finally, learners benefit from a 4K Q&A featuring the most common questions customers have about 4K.
posted: 11/11/2014
Learn more about Bose SoundTouch™ Amplifiers, Speakers, & Accessories
posted: 11/04/2014

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