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"HDR" is the new buzzword in TV technology, and this Sony 'Shortcut' eLearning course will explain it. You'll learn what you need to know about high dynamic range, how to talk to your customer about it, and why Sony does HDR differently from other TV manufacturers.
posted: 11/23/2015
Bose® Solo® 15 Series II TV Sound System product, technology and sales training.
posted: 09/30/2015
Bose® SoundTouch® SA-5 Amplifier product, technology and sales training.
posted: 09/30/2015
In this Sony 'Shortcut' training course, learners ogle our new TruView Display to see what today's cutting-edge of TV panel design looks like. About the width of a pencil (or maybe smaller), TruView is not only thin, it has an amazingly wide viewing angle. Shortcut courses aren't about speeds and feeds, but they will feed you what you need to succeed!
posted: 09/29/2015
In this quick training module, you will learn your ABC's for selling the HT-RT5 5.1 channel sound bar. With two wireless rear speakers to create a 5.1 channel REAL surround sound experience, the HT-RT5 is a sound bar fully capable of creating the real movie experience in the home.
posted: 09/18/2015
Bose® SoundTouch® 10, 20 III and 30 III wireless music systems product, technology and sales training.
posted: 09/17/2015
Bose® CineMate® 15 Home Theater Speaker System product, technology and sales training.
posted: 09/16/2015
Bose® Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 135, 525 and 535 Entertainment Systems product, technology and sales training.
posted: 09/16/2015
Bose® SoundTouch® 120, 130 and 520 home theater systems product, technology and sales training.
posted: 09/16/2015
In this 'Shortcut' training course from Sony, learners chew on relevant facts and connect them to meaningful "SAY THIS/DO THIS" tips that will help them SELL the XBR-X800B 4K UHD TV. X800B occupies a "sweet spot" between our premium 2K set and upper tier 4K TVs - making it the perfect step-up or step-down model for your customer. Shortcut courses aren't about speeds and feeds, but they will feed you what you need to succeed!
posted: 08/06/2015
Get an in-depth preview of the features, benefits and functionality of the new Onkyo TX-NR646 and TX-NR545 Network A/V Receivers.
posted: 07/22/2015
Learn about the LG OLED TV.
posted: 07/21/2015
Learn about the LG Ultra HDTV.
posted: 07/21/2015
Learn about the LG webOS 2.0 Smart TV.
posted: 07/21/2015
Learn how Panasonic 4K Cameras and Camcorders can help your customers be future ready by shooting in 4K, even if they don't yet have a 4K TV. You can help them understand why 4K, why to pick Panasonic, and which model is right for them.
posted: 07/16/2015
After passing this eLearning module, you will be able to explain to your audiophile customer how the HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player will help them conveniently access the digital music they love with the best playback quality.
posted: 07/09/2015
Learn what Slingbox is: the features and benefits of Slingbox, the differences between Slingbox M2 and Slingbox 500, the differences between Slingbox and streamers, the various versions of the free Slingplayer app, the target customers, plus present qualifying questions and cross-sell opportunities.
posted: 07/08/2015
Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth® Speakers Summer 2015
posted: 07/06/2015
In this "Short Cut" training course, learners discover why Sony Android TV is the next generation of smart television. With capabilities like Google™ Play Store, Google™ Cast, voice command search, as well as tons of apps and games, Sony Android TV provides a wider content range than other manufacturers' proprietary operating systems.
posted: 07/02/2015
In this 'Short Cut' training course, learners dive into Sony's TRILUMINOS Display™ technology to learn about its wide color gamut and natural color reproduction. Practical, at-the-sales-floor tips contain "Say This/Do This" tips that will help learners explain TRILUMINOS Display to their customer. Finally, learners will discover why superior color is more than just a panel; it's about processing.
posted: 06/29/2015
Help your customer take the home theater experience to exhilarating new levels. STR-DN1060 and STR-DN860 7.2 channel Wi-Fi A/V receivers continue Sony's tradition of class-leading sound quality while fully embracing support for 4K content from major studios with HDMI with HDCP 2.2, multi-room audio connectivity, and support for Hi-Res audio, including DSD.
posted: 06/04/2015
Learners will discover the basics of Hi-Res Audio technology in easy to understand terms that are designed to be communicated to customers. Also revealed is why Sony has the electronics experience, backed by expertise in the music and film industries to bring the high quality sound of Hi-Res audio to our customers.
posted: 05/20/2015
Explore the Panasonic Lumix line of cameras, what they offer, and how they can take your customers' photography further than they can get with their smartphone.
posted: 05/13/2015

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