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Is that a TV in your pocket? Customers don’t ever have to be without their music OR their MTV – be sure you know the latest Portable Audio, Video and MP3 players. Just click a course title below or choose another category at left.

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You will get a deep-dive into Sony's flagship digital music player - the exquisitely designed NW-ZX2 Walkman® Hi-Res Audio Digital Music Player. You will learn unique Sony sound and construction technologies to help explain the benefits of this device to audiophile customers who are interested in a high-fidelity, portable listening experience.
posted: 04/30/2015
Learn about the Google Android Wear. *NOTE: You MUST view all content within this module in order to receive credit for this course.*
posted: 04/28/2015
Sony's ZX Series headphones are our affordable Bluetooth® models, featuring Bluetooth® audio streaming with NFC, hands-free calling with built-in mic and a rechargeable battery with long battery life. Learners will discover differences between the three models. Start off by showing customers the top-end MDR-ZX770BN. It offers precision noise canceling and Bluetooth® freedom at a competitive price.
posted: 04/27/2015
Learn about Google Chromecast.

*NOTE: You MUST view all content within this module including viewing all videos in order to receive credit for this course.*
posted: 04/27/2015
Learn about HD Radio Technology and how it upgrades the experience with CD-quality sound and features like iTunes Tagging, Artist Experience, and the fastest traffic service in the country.

Don't forget to download the "HD Radio Guide" app available for both IOS and Android
posted: 04/07/2015
Learn about the Motorola Nexus 6
posted: 03/20/2015
You will get a high level overview of Sony's SRS-X Series Bluetooth® Speakers for 2015, including key features that will help you explain the speakers' benefits to your customers. To help you sell these models, you'll also get helpful selling scenarios and demos.
posted: 03/20/2015
Learn about Prepaid Add-Ons for Boost Mobile.

*NOTE: If this module does not close on its own after the final page, please click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the window, then refresh the launch page to see your credit.*
posted: 03/17/2015
The MDR-1A premium stereo headphones feature thoughtful design, lush long-term comfort and Hi-Res audio response for an amazing sound experience.
posted: 02/27/2015
The MDR Z7 headphones are designed with a freshly-developed 70mm HD driver unit that completely envelops the ear, revealing every music nuance with startling integrity - from powerful sub-bass lows to crystalline highs. It captures critical high frequencies that are faithfully reproduced right up to 100 kHz providing a new dimension to music expression and a sensation of "feel the air" in Hi-Res audio.
posted: 02/18/2015
In this module you will learn about the Jawbone UP family of products. These products are designed to help your customers be the best version of themselves, by tracking various health and fitness statistics.
posted: 02/18/2015
Active Sports headphones draw on Sony's strength as the traditional brand of choice for music while working out. All Active Sports headphone models combine lightweight design, water resistance, sensational sound, and secure fit.
posted: 02/12/2015
Learn how Ultimate Ears wireless speakers are revolutionizing the way you and your friends can experience the music you love.
posted: 02/02/2015
The world's slimmest and lightest waterproof compact tablet, Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact delivers the highest level of waterproof design with attention to detail that makes the difference. Running with the most powerful processor in a compact tablet, it has the brightest and sharpest 8" Full HD display, as well as the latest audio technology. It's also the only tablet with PS4™ Remote Play, making serious mobile gaming a reality.
posted: 01/29/2015
The Xperia® T3 is packed with the latest beautiful technology from Sony - including leading digital imaging expertise and a vivid HD display - all within a stylish, stainless steel frame. The combination of this beautiful technology and the extremely slim, premium design ensures the T3 immediately stands apart from the competition.
posted: 01/16/2015
Learn about the Lumia 635.
posted: 01/08/2015
Learn about the latest addition to the Beats wireless family and the features and advantages that make Solo 2 Wireless a top choice for customers.
posted: 01/07/2015
Learn what makes V-MODA on-ear and over-ear headphones unique in the crowded consumer electronics market and why they are versatile enough to please audiophiles, gamers, DJs and fashionistas alike.
posted: 12/03/2014
Learn about the LG G3
posted: 11/21/2014
Learn about the Nexus 6
posted: 11/18/2014
The Xperia® Z3 combines all the details that make Xperia® smartphones great - including the highest level of waterproofing, enhanced camera experiences and applications, up to two-day battery life, our best audio quality and PS4™ Remote Play.
posted: 11/18/2014
Learn about the Google Nexus 9 (Lollipop).

*NOTE: You MUST view all content within this module including viewing all videos in order to receive credit for this course.*
posted: 11/10/2014
Learn about OKIDOKEYS smart locks and its Starter-Kit: how it works, how easy it is to install, what the main customer experiences are, and why OKIDOKEYS is the best-in-class product.
posted: 11/03/2014

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