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It's time for customers who are going Back to School to start preparing for the fall. Canon has a great selection of printers with technology and features to help the school year run smoothly.
posted: 07/31/2015
The EOS Rebel T6s is the first Rebel to include advanced options like a top LCD display panel and a Quick Control dial, even a built-in level display and equipped with built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC, making it possible to upload photos to social networking sites, email family and friends, or archive images to a computer, without using cables.
posted: 07/21/2015
Welcome to the incredible RX10 II and RX100 IV, boasting the world's first "stacked" DRAM chip in a 1.0-type sensor. The lightning-fast data transfer results in turbo-charged performance: up to 16 fps, and an unbelievable 1/32000 sec shutter speed, allowing super slow motion and creative expression never seen before in a consumer camera.
posted: 07/20/2015
This training module will familiarize you with the features of the new EOS Rebel T6i with built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing of photos and videos.
posted: 07/20/2015
A great demo can help you make the sale. A demo puts your customer in the driver's seat and helps them to imagine themselves with the product. How do you make a compelling demo, and how do you make it stand out? Learn how to demo to help you close the sale.
posted: 07/01/2015
In this short but informative course, learners meet the DSC-HX90V and DSC-WX500: the smallest and lightest 30x zoom cameras. The models are identical except the HX90V has a one-of-a-kind pop-up OLED electronic viewfinder--a major differentiator in this camera class. Both cameras are the ultimate step-up camera for less-experienced users who love taking selfies. With their 180-degree flip-up LCD plus NFC/Wi-Fi, they're perfect for instant photo sharing on Facebook.
posted: 06/15/2015
This training module will familiarize you with the features and systems designed to make high-magnification shooting with advanced Canon optics simple.
posted: 06/03/2015
This video module will familiarize you with the features and functions of this model to help answer customer questions.
posted: 06/03/2015
This month, get back to basics with tools and tips to sharpen your selling skills to close more sales in your store.
posted: 06/01/2015
When your customer tells you they are looking for a camera that takes better pictures than their smartphone, but they don't want anything complicated or expensive - show them the Alpha a5000. a5000 is the perfect "high-quality selfie" camera, with a 180-degree flip up LCD, zoom lever near the robust grip, and Wi-Fi/NFC for instant sharing with a compatible phone. a5000 is the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C size sensor - the same size that is found in many, more expensive DSLRs, for pro-quality results and beautiful defocused backgrounds.
posted: 06/01/2015
A video training module to familiarize you with the features and systems designed to show customers how high-magnification shooting with advanced Canon optics can be simple to do.
posted: 05/18/2015
Take the mystery out of shopping for Mom, Dad, or Grad this season with Canon. Learn how to help your customers pick the right printer and give their special someone a gift they can use every day.
posted: 05/01/2015
This month, take a look at the Canon MAXIFY product lineup. MAXIFY is designed to give your home-based and small business customers reliable, high speed, cost-effective printing solutions to help them work faster and smarter.
posted: 04/13/2015
Learn about the first Canon EF standard zoom lens for full-frame sensor cameras to include a lead screw-type stepping motor (STM) for smooth and quiet AF and tracking while shooting movies or still images.
posted: 04/08/2015
Learn how this new telephoto lens delivers brilliant high-speed performance for professionals, with minimal glare and superb image quality via gapless dual-layer diffractive optical elements.
posted: 04/08/2015
Learn about this lightweight, fast and versatile lens with advanced AF and superior optics, appropriate for a variety of purposes.
posted: 04/08/2015
Every business has to start somewhere. We are all aware of business successes that started in a garage. Let's follow Kate, who is launching a small business, and see how Canon supports her printing needs as her business grows.
posted: 04/01/2015
Action Cam continues to challenge the misconception that GoPro® is the best POV camcorder option. The new AS200V and AZ1 Action Cam Mini don't just challenge the popular choice, they surpass it. And now, with the FDR-X1000V shooting crisp 4K, Action Cam has a full range of devices for you to explore. Learn why Sony's top-tier sensor, lens and processor set Action Cam apart, plus check out independent user tests and reviews that help you come to your own conclusion.
posted: 03/11/2015
Tax season is rapidly approaching, and your customers are busy preparing to file their returns. Fast printing speeds, durable printers, document archivability, and even mobile connectivity are just a few ways that Canon printers can help your customer through this "taxing" time of year.
posted: 03/01/2015
In this course learners discover the 5 models in our top-tier consumer Handycam® camcorder lineup. This includes the FDR-AX33 and FDR-AX100 4K Handycam® camcorders, the HDR-CX900 with huge 1.0" sensor, and the interchangeable-lens, E-mount NEX-VG30H and full-frame E-Mount NEX-VG900. Selling strategies are discussed that will help you sell these powerful camcorders to that demanding video enthusiast.
posted: 02/17/2015
The holiday season is over, and the after-holiday rush is here. Discover the Opportunities in Gift Card redemption, accessory sales, and - yes - even returns!
posted: 01/01/2015
Here learners are introduced to the latest a7 camera model - the a7II. Big technology improvements distinguish the a7II from already incredible a7, including Sony's exclusive 5-axis image sensor stabilization (the world's first in a full frame camera), even faster lock-on hybrid auto focus borrowed from the a6000 and the a77II DSLR, XAVC S video format, and a re-designed, highly reinforced body.
posted: 12/23/2014
This video training module will familiarize you with the features of the PowerShot G7 X which is a premium high-performance camera that puts exciting and impressive capabilities in a sophisticated, compact package.
posted: 11/17/2014

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